Sunday, August 25, 2013

The other lesson from Syria: capability is a problem

Who carried out the appaerent chemical attacks in Damascus ? The truth is either party is sufficiently blood thirsty to do it. Its almost certain that both parties have the weopons now ( and indeed how long before their sponsors like Al Quaeda get their share ? This might be the real driver behind Cameron's intensity on this subject.)

Personally I would be very suspicious of the rebels, but maybe Assad's suicidal enough to have done it.

But all this raises a wider question, and its what to do about states that have WMD.

You can see why the Israelies get worried - and why they have already taken action against Syria.

If there's intervention in Syria, then surely there has to be with Iran also - which poses a far more lethal threat to its own citizens and the region.

The lesson to remember here is that capability matters in military terms - because whilst today there may be no intention to go with it - no one knows about tomorrow.

But then thanks to Blair, Labour and the dodgy dossier who do you believe ? This is Blair real legacy - having called wolf and been found out can a govt do the same again even with a real threat ?

We also have to ask ourselves if the rebels would be any better than Assad. The evidence in other countries where the rabid have gained power is not encouraging.

One thing is certain the public does not want another war, and certainly no occupation to follow it ( which would be needed to secure the chemical weapons ).

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