Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 questions on Syria

1) Has any of the Assad regimes chemical weapons been compromised and passed into the hands of the rebels ? ( Can we have high confidence that this hasn't happened ?)

2) Who used the chemical weapons in Damascus ? ( And how do we know ?)

Now there's an argument that if you manufactured the weapons you are responsible for their use, even by your enemies. But that's not the line we are being sold.

Its noticeable how Blairite the bomb Syria govt campaign is - not just in terms of the evidence but also in the way the public discourse is distracted from the key questions.

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Michael said...

There are a number of "odd" questions about the alleged use of CW in Syria. Leaving aside why Assad would commit suicide in such a manner, the deployment of CW does not fit any military pattern. Even "Chemical Ali" followed Soviet thinking in its use. Here we have a surprisingly small deployment, albeit effective, of a non-persistent agent but not backed up with ground forces to exploit the shock and dislocation of any "rebel" troops. Instead, a small deployment against a conveniently photogenic group which has ensured that no external evidence can be collated other than "what we say". This attack has far more in common with the Sarin attack in Japan many years ago. Sorry, but I am more than a little suspicious of this.