Monday, July 22, 2013

What might the great firewall wall of Dave be used for ?

Blocking p*rn ? I'm fine with that - I do it at home using ( who provide a free service with lots of fine control by the way ).

But what the government is up to has a worrying angle.

Of course these moves come in under the banner of fighting child harm or terrorism - but how long before the now established capability gets used for something else ?

What if say the three main political parties decided that having Eurosceptic views was unacceptable and should be blocked ?

We need to tread carefully here.

PS This exercise is all about Dave's trying to win support back from those he stabbed in the back by redefining marriage. As ever he's shallow and opportunistic.


corncrake said...

It is but a short step to the slippery slope of full net censorship/control by our political elite.
Good point about Cameroon trying to kiss and make up over gay marriage.
Aother of his betrayals to add to my little list.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few years ago I lived and worked, courtesy of the British Army, in West Berlin. My first posting to Western Europe and discovered that pornography was legal, subject to certain constraints – no kiddie porn, scat, or extreme fetishes – and cinemas were large, air-conditioned buildings where the price of admittance gave you a variety of alcoholic drinks to enjoy. My job was liaising with the West German Police and I enquired about the proliferation of porn and the incidence of sex crimes. I was told that very few Germans/Berliners were involved in sex crimes but that the majority were gastarbeiters from Turkey and the Middle East, with one or two British squaddies I’m ashamed to say. That the main offenders were from countries where the viewing of pornography was banned did not escape me. Some years later, I found myself in Hong Kong, that so-called sin city of the Orient (not). The Wanchai had one topless bar, films with sex scenes had the volume turned down and the film darkened so it was difficult to see who was doing what to whom and what they were saying. The odd bare breast was allowed but the sight of any female pubic hair was blocked by a black circle which followed the poor lady around as she moved – a bit like that bouncing ball on Saturday morning singalongs in the picture houses of my youth. According to a contact in the Royal Hong Kong Police, sex crimes were rampant (pardon the pun), especially against children and young girls. Again, the fact that even mild soft porn was frowned upon in a colony with a high sex crime rate was not lost on me. At that time, the Scandinavian countries showed quite explicit sex films but banned any sort of violence but recorded violent crime was much higher than sex crimes. I am sure a behavioural psychologist can make something out of this but I wonder if Mr Cameron’s actions are more to do with chasing votes from the Kingston Blue Rinsed Ladies than thinking this through. Of course child pornography is evil and any offenders should be punished severely, unlike that well known internet researcher Mr Townsend. However, does this crack (sorry, those puns again) down include ‘straight’ or ‘vanilla’ porn? Does it include only moving images or still photos too? Does it include the written word, in which case EL James had better take the money and run because she won’t be writing a sequel. Does it include these womens magazines with such headlines as “How to have 20 orgasms while watching The One Show” or “I shagged my son’s English teacher but dumped him because of his improper use of a colon”? I think we should be told. And this is only the sexual aspects of pornography. Extreme political writings, such as those of the Nazis against the Jews, are classed as pornographic. We all know how the Islamic world reacts to images of Mo, so how long before they demand that all words criticising him or their mythical big fella in the sky is classed as pornographic (while claiming that their criticism of other religions is allowed)? After race and religion, there will no doubt be political constraints on what is permissable. We are not at war with Eurasia. We have never been at war with Eurasia. Plus the choccy ration will be increased this month for the 6th month running. (with apologies to George Orwell)

Anonymous said...

Once they find a way to tax porn and plain package it all will be well.

James Higham said...

So good to see so many jump on this for what it is - a serious issue debased by a man with his masters' agenda.