Monday, July 29, 2013

So what of US justice ?

Can we expect the same treatment of this company as BP has unjustly suffered in the US ?

( On my hold right now - but thought this one deserved comment ).


James Higham said...

A bit more explanation, MiaS?

Anonymous said...

I would not hold your breath. The Obamassiah has spoken and his anti-British, racist views are widely known. He has also ensured the US Supreme Court is packed with his cronies.

Anonymous said...

There has long been a difference of acceptable standards by the US authorities over such incidents. The Union Carbide destruction of Bophal is still ongoing, with no admittance of responsibility by the American company, as is the destruction of part of the Amazon basin by American companies. To suggest that the USA is very selective in its responsibilities is putting it mildly. A country of crooks run by the biggest crooks of all - they put the Houses of Parliament to shame in their criminal activities.