Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Islamic bortherhood has been let of the hook by this coup

First let me say that military intervention to over throw a democratically elected government is generally a bad thing. Perhaps if that government has gone insane or represents some unspeakable evil then it could be justified - but I haven't seen the case for it in Egypt.

Yes the voters of Egypt may have voted in haste and repented at leisure - but that's the sort of thing you have to learn to balance when you participate in a democracy. If the full consequences of the democratic process are not lived with then a society does not mature and improve its future democratic choices.

The problem is that the Muslim Brotherhood has not been removed from power democratically after the economic failure of their policies. This has very much let them off the hook.

The myth will now circulate that it was the Army ( backed by the US ?) betrayal that unfairly forced their defeat. Shades of the November Criminals argument that gave the Nazi's their excuse not to face up to the result of the First World War. ( Germany was never confronted with the full military defeat that was coming to it - as sanity finally took hold and the politicians pulled the plug - and were perhaps used by the military to take the blame ).

We could all live to regret this.

Also Pete Oborne makes a good point about how British Foreign policy has been compromised in this area also in yesterday's Telegraph.

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