Tuesday, July 09, 2013

So is RedEd going for tax payer funding ?

We all know the Labour party is heaving in debt, as well as indebted to the Unions.

It sounds like Ed Miliband is going to gamble on cutting the formal links between unions and his party, and just rely on member level allocation of the political levy.

Of course Union funding was the sticking point with the other parties on funding reform.

Can we expect RedEd to shortly say look what we've done before going for the Conservatives funding stream.

Then happily suggesting tax payer funding ....

A cynic might think that was the real point of today's exercise - as well as trying the with one bound he was free ploy on Labour's shady Union links.


corncrake said...

If RedEd does go for the taxpayer funded option it will finally reveal that the Labour Party is just another party of our political elites.

Mrs Proudie of Barchester said...


That was proved a long time ago...