Thursday, June 27, 2013

The betrayal of our country by the professional political class - again

Thanks to the professional politicians desire to have a cause, combined with the cynical misuse of science by the global warming parasites, it now looks like the lights may be going off soon.

This has been a long time coming. Those who pointed out the problem have been ignored.

Well not for much longer.

I hope when the brown outs start the public remembers that it has taken the combined scientific iliteracy of the Politics Philosophy and Economics crowd that run our three professional politician enriching parties to steer us into this ditch.

Remember the fuel protests ? They will be small beer compared to the outrage when the lights go out and the country is paralysed.

( If you have some fuzzy warm memories of puns light by vandals light in the 70's remember that todays pubs won't be able to run their tolls or pump their larger. The supermarkets won't be able to sell food, store it or reorder it. And of course there will be no.petrol being pumped. ) Only the.old BT land lone network will keep working due to its requirement to have battery backup ).

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Rich Tee said...

When the power fails is when we are most in danger of getting an authoritarian government, because people will just want something done about it and will ignore everything else. Extensions of state power will be accepted as necessary to solve the problem.

Very worrying indeed.