Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Free speech is no longer valued in England - and so we will lose it

Compare the uproar over GCHQ listening in to the internet ( which just about everyone knew anyway ) with the outrage that political censorship is being enforced where US citizens who have broken no laws in the coutnry are being refused the right of entry.

In this case its two bloggers. I may have wondered over their blogs at some point - I suspect the Atlas Shrugged one is most likely - but it hardly seems that these are voices that shouldn't be heard.

People have become almost fascist in their intolerance these days.

Argue with people you disagree with - argue civilly if you want them to change their minds, but when you ban someone you destroy part of the freedom that underwrites us all.

The thing is all this oppression is counter productive. Those who are harassed and oppressed by the liberal elite and the forces of what used to be known as "law and order" in this country, will soon conclude their is no point in debate.

Then we are all truly going to be in trouble.

PS The Home Office might like to look into how the internet works if it thinks this type of move has a positive impact and possibly also stop the pathetic "Investors in people logo" on the footer of their paper.

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