Monday, January 14, 2013

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are the unholy trinity that Cameron hopes will keep England in chains at the feet of Brussels

Well this week has cleared up a few things.

Its clear that this weeks performance by Obama's little henchman, Michael Heseltine ( who has been invited into the inner Cameroon circle - so the TRG [ the continuing SDP to those in the know ] ), and certain German MPs as well as other EU non-entities was coordinated.

Looks to me like it was done out of No 10. The truth is Cameron wants to avoid the out option in a referendum ( or ideally not have one at all ).

He's busy trying to redefine the debate in the way Blair used to try to do.

And FEAR is to be the central weapon. ( In the software world we always used to be able to spot the FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt ) attacks by one key player against its new rival. They were sad, depressing  but usually very effective. )

The sad fact is he will have a lot of short term success. His imperative is to spike UKIPs guns now so he can return to wooing wet confused Lib Dem voters for 2015 - and sell out all concerned in office afterwards.

UKIP should not get its hopes up. This is a long war, and it won't be over with the next referendum. What is important is to make good and clear arguments that the public will remember and weigh up when the spin Tornado we have ensuring the UK stays subservient to the EU has subsided.

Then base support will have been risen and we will be ready for the next time.

( Sorry if that all sounds a little bit depressing - but its the long march folks - get used to it. )

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Woman on a Raft said...

Fear was the main lever in 1975. That time it was food security and they counted on memories of the war and rationing.

It was emotional manipulation. Logically, imports from the empire were available, NATO was protecting the shipping lanes, and we were getting ever better at food processing and distribution which cuts down wastage in the supply chain. We would not have starved if we had voted to discontinue membership.

Looks like they are setting up for the same again.