Saturday, January 05, 2013

2013 - here come the civil wars

My prediction for 2013 is its going to be score settling time inside a number of organisations.

With the fixed general election date of 2015 its the last chance for a good blood all over the carpet scrap internalto UK political parties before they have to turn their attention to each other. Here are the potential highlights:

1) The Tory Wars continue. Over Europe ( well duh ! ), but also modernisers vs conservatives over the end of marriage political suicide policy, and the green end of jobs and wealth suicide policy.
2) Last chance to stab Nick Clegg between the shoulder blades. Unlike Labour the yellow ones know how to organise a coup and May is going to be another culling of Lib Dem councillor hobbiests and they won't be pleased. The end of the road is now also in sight for many of their MPs ( especially in Scotland ). If they want to do something then they will be taking Lady Macbeth's advice on timing.
3) Someone is going to have to put Ed Balls out of everyone else's misery. Labour have to ditch debt denial and its just not going to be credible with Master Balls as shadow chancellor. He's got to go - and RedEd needs to kill him off so that its known he did it.

Also appearing may be the likes of The Church of England, the RSPCA & perhaps even the National Trust. All organisations who's leadership is now considerably at odds with their respective memberships.

The BBC is running out of credit very fast, as is the NHS. There's every chance that the general public might see them for what they are shortly.

Things are now very unstable with many institutions that are considerably at odds with their memberships. There is space for a sudden jump and coalescence around something surprising. But maybe only a chance.


Barnacle Bill said...

Now how could we give a little helping hand to set the fireworks off?

BilloTheWisp said...

Don't forget the dear old CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) Their national leadership whimpers along, apologetically supporting wind turbine deployment while the grass roots is in open rebellion. Sooner or later there is going to be fireworks.

James Higham said...

The divisions are deep and bitter.