Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wihtout UKIP ....

Without UKIP little that has been announced/triangulated at this years Conservative conference would even be on the agenda.

There would have been no soft semi-promise on perhaps a referendum in the fullness of time if the time was right from Cameron.

No reigning back on green industrial insanity.

No discussion initiatives on the anti-English devolution settlement - although the regional balkanisation solution loved by the Labour party looks like its the way England is to be subjugated by the British establishment.

No toughening of the position against crminals who make the lives of good people who aren't in the metropltian elite an utter misery.

There would have been more of the equity fascist agenda like the abolition of marriage and its replacement with the quasi-religious commitment to some weird alien concept and its imposition on a people that never asked or were asked about it. ( Cameron is still willing to lose power over this - which tells you something about his priorities given the key economic and national interest issues he's happy to role over on. )

Without UKIP it would have been all about more of the processional political class's agenda.

It might be too expensive to go to Conservative conference these days, and there may be too many state funded lobbyists and other professional left wing henchmen there, but you can still get influence the agenda - join UKIP.

Because they won't listen to you if you do anything else ...

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