Thursday, October 11, 2012

Grubby constitutional deals done dirt cheap

So if it get Alex Salmond to lose the Scottish referendum in am manner that suits David Cameron 16 and 17 year old can have the vote, but potential Scottish Nationals living quite legally and honourably in the rest of the UK will be denied the vote.

Why because the SNP think more inexperienced voters will help their cause, where as those who understand the United Kingdom will hinder it. This is the low dirty standard to which the SNP operates.

But what of David Cameron and his Lib Dems friends ? They are willing to sell out both points as they are fairly sure the SNP are going to lose anyway, and they want full control over any British constitutional tidying up that comes afterwards. they certainly don't want the English Question getting even starker under another one sided anti-English devolution settlement that Devo Max ( or Independence Later ).

As the SNP will have to lose Alex Salmond (again ) sometime shortly ) and the rest of the political talent is pretty low grade this is no doubt seen as the high tide of Independence sentiment, and if basic constitutional principles like the age of franchise have to be traded for narrow sectarian advantage then so be it.

Its dirty, cynical and treats the United Kingdom and its peoples with utter contempt.

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