Wednesday, October 03, 2012

West Coast public sector epic fail

The BBC isn't putting it this way - but then the institutionally left wing statist BBC never does. ( This is in the context of the West Coast rail franchise having to be re-run de to the incompetence of civil servants. )

Turns out some, no doubt high paid gold plated pensioned, civil servants got their calculations wrong.

Well there a  surprise ! Given the utter rubbish that comes out of many government departments especially those engaged in the destruction of English industry like RedEd's old department on climate change its no wonder government- as run by the dumbed down civil service ( remember Labour made a point of recruiting more people by tokenism, than talent during its 13 years of failure ) we can't really be surprised.

In many ways the G4S failure at the Olympics was as much a public sector fail and a private sector one.

The truth is the civil service is only good for blocking the reforms and ignoring the lawful instructions of Conservative ministers. Its politicised and ineffective.

Time to consider privatising large amounts of government and running it efficiently.


Woodsy42 said...

Well, I would suggest that large parts of government don't need running at all. Reduce the rules, reduce the red tape simplify tax and NI, and much can simply be dispensed with.

Bill said...

I'm with Woodsy42
Cut out 90% of government, people, taxes, spending and infrastructure and watch the people in this country fly.

After a while the last 10% might also prove to be irrelevant and it too can be cut.

Anonymous said...

Of course if you pay peanuts!!!!!