Tuesday, January 04, 2011

20% VAT ? That's just part of the price of 13yrs of Labour waste

Labour have to be shameless. The truth is so shocking that they daren't approach it with barge pole. Their best bet is that the BBC to play along and try to just report their spin and distortion ( now they have a new "Forces of Hell" team in place to try to make #RedEd look less of a total disaster).

20% VAT ? Despite Labour and their #Union masters distortions on the media today ( reported faithfully by the ever biased BBC - which did eventually acknowledge a report which shows how the rich will be paying more than the poor, but only after the smear was aired fully ) its necessary.

In fact given the small cuts that have been made ( ie virtually none yet ) its not as big a tax rise as may be needed ( remember Labour are arguing for larger tax rises - to avoid cutting their spending spurge they used to buy the last few elections ).

This is the price of a Labour government. Personally I would have wound up all Gordon Brown's stealth taxes and the debt tax they have created with the national debt and fired up income tax so the public could see how conned they've been by Ed Miliband and his sixth form socialism debating team chums.

It will be a serious mistake if the government and Conservative party don't start pinning the blame of the feckless Labour leader and his failed team.


James Higham said...

I really do believe that Blair and Brown need to be prosecuted.

Sean O'Hare said...

The problem with these so called cuts is that the government are not able to micro-manage how the cuts are made. They tell the various departments they want 20% cuts or whatever and leave it to the senior managers to implement them. Turkeys don't vote for Christmas so it isn't the useless bureaucrats that get fired but those that actually do useful work. This of course gets the unions up in arms and undermines the whole process.

@James Higham That can only happen if they make gross incompetence a criminal offence.