Friday, December 10, 2010

English Education policy

Yesterday showed something else, apart from the entirely predictable left wing thuggery on the streets, and that is the need for an English Parliament.

We have an issue that only impacts the English - tuition fees - being voted on by the likes of Charles Kennedy and Ming Campbell.

Time for an English Parliament and the Celtic fringe can go and play in Cardiff, Belfast & Edinburgh.


Edward Spalton said...

An English Grand Committee would do just as well without putting another single corrupt politician on the payroll or spending another penny of taxpayers' money.

Our problems are caused by politicians. They are the problem not the solution. And English Parliament is the EU's Plan B for the break up of the UK, since Precott's English regions failed.

Man in a Shed said...

@Edward_Spalton: I doubt an English Grand Committee would work, when there are still devolved administrations in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The British government is always going to want to control English departments, and British MPs will always be willing to sacrifice English interests to bribe the Celtic fringe.

Now if you want to roll back devolution I might go along with that, but otherwise England deserves her parliament back.

The EU seems to be doing a good job of turning the UK Govt into a regional council, I doubt an English Parliament would make it any worse.

The trick would be to reduce the number of UK politicians - or even as John Redwood suggested have one set of politicians sitting in devolved parliaments and the UK one.

Old_Miwl said...

Agree with you on this one man in a shed. Lib Dem candidates in Wales made a big issue over university fees - something that's not in their remit to deal with here.
What we need are parliaments in England, Wales, Scotland and NI with the same powers/responsibilities. We'd need to work out how to share out the cost of central services but I recon we'd all get on a lot better that way.

Wyrdtimes said...

@Edward Spalton

That's nonsense.

The EU has no plans for England. Not plan A, not plan B, or plan Z.

The EU wants England eradicated. Balkanised into competing regions.

Because the British tradition of liberty isn't British at all, it's English.

The EU probably blessed the Scottish, Welsh and NIrish devolved assemblies as they tie in with the EU's regional approach. A united England does not figure.

You are completely mistaken. An English parliament. Recognition and representation for England. Self determination for England is a stake in the heart of the EU.

I don’t want any more politicians either. But fair representation for the people of England doesn’t require more politicians – just different ones. Even less – potentially far less.

Say there was an English parliament established, along the lines of the Scottish parliament. That Eng Parl would vote one all issues currently devolved in Scotland. Education, transport health, environment, environment etc. removing those responsibilities from the UK parliament.

Leaving the UK parliament with defence, taxation, welfare and a couple of other issues.

No way does that require >600 MPs. They’d be sitting round on their arses doing next to nothing all day. That’s the place to lose MPs. Plus the English parliament could have only 100 reps and it would still be 100 people representing England that we don’t have now.

I think this explains why the political parties hate the idea so completely. It’s the end of their gravy train.

TheFatBigot said...

Honourable Members worthy of the adjective would abstain from voting on any Bill that will not be the law in their constituency.

A law that will apply in England only should not be voted on by MPs for Scottish or Welsh constituencies. They shouldn't need a rule to this effect, any fair person would recognise it to be the honourable course to take.

Salmondnet said...

@ Edward Spalton. " And English Parliament is the EU's Plan B for the break up of the UK, since Precott's English regions failed"

If only that were true. Actually the EU knows that England is far more Eurosceptic than the other UK nations and has absolutely no interest in encouraging any political institution which would allow the English to give independent political expression to their majority view on (in particular) the European Union.

As to the break up of the UK, devolution to Scotland and Wales is what is driving that. An English Parliament is about the only thing that might save it, although the longer it is delayed the less likely it becomes that the United Kingdom will survive.

James Higham said...

This has to happen now. It won't though, with those in charge who are.