Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Its Labour's selfish hypocrisy that's the enemy of poor students getting to University

At last the Coalition has started fighting back at the muddled thinking and just plain ignorance of much of the "make taxpayers - including poor people who never went to Uni" pay instead of the future middle class.

There is a spectacularly good offer for financing University education with no risk and nothing to pay unless you succeed.

So the future careerist left wing hypocrites are left with just one self for filling and self serving argument. "The idea of debt will put off poor students" - well it might when you say it like that without explaining all the safeguards and no win no pay parts of the government loans offer. In fact its the left who are putting poor students off by wilfully misinforming them and running scaremongering schemes. But then what's new - the left's relationship with poverty has long been that of a drug pusher with his clients.

Now its true that anyone who aspires to go to University should be able to see through the naked political manipulation of the NUS and Labour cases - after all why do we want stupid people at Uni. ( And by the way weren't many of those interviewed over the last few weeks depressing for the shear scale of their ignorance. )

But we should all be supporting fair opportunities to succeed for all - like the Coalition is doing.

Lets also remember, if by some awful disaster, Gordon Brown had carried on as PM they would have been implementing the Browne review instead, and all the selfish careerist student politicians who hope to be Labour parasite MPs one day would have played their opposition down as it impact their future snouts in the trough of what we now call politics.


Anonymous said...

Not "for filling".

British education, eh.

Man in a Shed said...


Mark Wadsworth said...

"after all why do we want stupid people at Uni?"

Exactly. If an 18 year old is incapable of doing a basic cost/benefit analysis of whether it is worthwhile or not, then he shouldn't be at Uni anyway.

For many, the correct calculation will show it is not worthwhile, and they save themselves three years of their lives.

So in the long run, only stupid people lose out, being those who stupidly calculate that Uni is worthwhile, and those who stupidly decide that it isn't (but the second group, by definition, are stupid).

That said, hiking the cap from £3k to £9k in such a short space of time was a PR disaster - far better to increase it by £500 a year or something for the indefinite future.

PS, it's spelled "sheer" in that context.

Man in a Shed said...

Not my finest day for grammar.