Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas truce

Sitting in a coffee shop in my home town listening to piped carols the fact that Christmas is catching up can not be ignored any longer. ( If only as I haven't bought the Wife's presents yet. )

So on the spirit of good will to all men, even socialists, I'm declaring a Christmas blog truce. Only upbeat posts to follow.

Open session resumes on 1st Jan 2011.

Good luck with your preparations folks.

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Wyrdtimes said...

Have a good one MiaS

Man in a Shed said...

Thanks, you also.

James Higham said...

even socialists

No way, MiaS.

John M Ward said...

I think the even Socialists can be given a break for the duration. As for the odd-numbered Socialists, though...

Anyway, everyone: do have a good 'un, despite the weather, and we'll all be back at it again in January, I'm sure.

I have been posting my usual seasonal stuff, as a gesture of good will, which some here might enjoy.

Junius said...

Do Socialist actually believe in Christmas though? I thought they might have outlawed it as being offensive to ... er ... turkeys?

Anyway, knowing Socialists as I do, they are probably plotting in the wings even as we speak to legislate it out of existence on the grounds people enjoy it so it has to be bad for you!!