Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Well the honeymoon certainly over now. The hard left have had their Christmas come early with the sort of violence and thuggery that they dream of getting onto our streets. The Unions are starting to make as much trouble as they can - claiming its about safety, dismissal of a Union rep or even pay - but really its all about the war on society that the left always undertakes when out of power. ( Unfortunately they do as much damage in power, but in a different way ).

The question, as some of the right's bloggers retire, is who will win the political argument over the next few years ?

If we fail in the political battle now then the left will get another chance to destroy our country and enslave our children to debt as they did over the last 13 years.

Its said that political blogging needs anger and emotion as its mix of rocket fuel, and that now the right (and some rather dumbfounded Lib Dems) are in government the taps have been turned off.

I think those of us who fought so hard to get Labour and Gordon Brown out need to refocus on the ideological battle that's now going to be fought. This will then in time influence the political battle.

The question is can our country be turned around in a few years ? Can the jobless be saved from the methadone doses of Labour's failed welfare state ? Can the UK stop selling its children's future to foreign creditors whilst also robbing the retirements of its current citizens ? Can we finally reform the NHS so it does not kill so many people and provides the effective health care other countries without soviet health systems enjoy - for all their citizens ? Can we achieve the education results others do on far less money uninhibited by the Luddite ideology of the left and its hate of achievement and children ?

Can we save England from the looters ? The disadvantaged from their left wing users ? Those without hope from those who live off hopelessness ?

Its certainly worth the fight and there's plenty of rocket fuel lying around if you look for it.


James Higham said...

People like you and I will win the fight in the end. The things we want are roughly the same and it will win out when the leftist constructs fall away.

Dembones said...

Oops a 'not' is missing: "Can we finally reform the NHS so it does kill so many people". Wake up class.....

Man in a Shed said...

Good point, corrected. The greater shame is that it is true.