Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Student tuition fees - protesting for a left wing lie

The BBC is notorious for letting left wing commentators of the hook, and they were at their best again this morning (R4Today this morning) when interviewing some student union president or other who was trying the lie that student tuition fees mean education is only for the well off.

1) Education needs to be paid for. Either those who are about to join the middle classes pay for it - or those who don't get to University will have to pay. This point is almost never put to the self righteous left wing talking heads.
2) Anyone who aspires to go to University should be capable of understanding there is no risk to paying these fees with the special government loans. If your education doesn't lead to economic success you don't pay ! That's not putting off the poor - just the stupid. ( Indeed its perhaps a bad deal for the tax payer - but there you have it. )

But of course the real underlying truth is none of this is about students or education - it is about the great left wing fantasy of protesting ( an end in itself ) and politicising a generation who are just gullible enough to think whatever they are told to think and never to question.

Indeed a major criticism of the current education system must be what sort of robots are we turning out who can't get their heads around the basic facts and arguments ?

Now I know there are side issues on how those in Labour special Celtic heart lands don't have to pay for things, but get English taxpayers to allow them to free-load. But that is a separate issue.

Its time the NUS was seen for the narrow bigoted partisan Left wing training institution that it is. And perhaps time to attack it funding and the way it conscripts students. It may also be time to separate political activity in student unions from social, welfare and sports activities.

Michael Gove has shown the way - time to drain the left wing swamp that produces such moronic arguments to deceive people with.


Praguetory said...

Brilliant as ever.

James Higham said...

Pushing it uphill.

Anonymous said...

Does not the government get great benefit by educating people.
After all after education they pay more taxes , they are more conformist to law and are generally more useful to the state.
So why not government paying for training. They do it for soldiers , police and dustmen.

Man in a Shed said...

@Anon - the govt has no money, only the right to tax people and imprison them if they don't pay.

The money the govt hold is ours.

The govt doesn't pay - people do.

Now the question is which people ?

Should the poor who are unable to get into Uni pay ? All the middle class students clearly think so - but I would disagree.

Now of course there is some common good to having your neighbour educated, so that you can undertake common enterprises like have a factory to earn money to pay for all the stuff we want. But the emerging consensus is that the common good argument runs out at 18, and I'd have to agree.

Most of the protesting arts students ( and they will have been mostly arts students ass the scientists, engineers and medics are far to busy working ) do nothing for the common good at all, except delaying their contribution to society by 3 years and perhaps becoming to arrogant to take the jobs that we import millions of people from the EU to do.

i albion said...

OUCH! But true.

Bill Quango MP said...

Very good points.