Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Appeasement is denial just as surely as ignoring debts was

Trouble is brewing and may soon boil over.

Appeasement of Iran and North Korea is getting close to running its course. The mad dog element of both regime's appears to be getting out of control and grows more bold with each show of respect act of appeasement by the west.

Some of the press speculate that the vapour trail of Los Angeles last week was a Chinese ICBM launch, but it has to be considered that it was a North Korean launch as a final warning to stand clear before they start assaults on South Korea.

Just as when politicians let the debt mountain get out of hand there will still be a price to pay - with interest. And that price is getting bigger with each day appeasement continues.

This can't be ducked, but it can be made worse by appeasement.

The problem is that the US is crippled by having Obama as President, and the enemies of the west know this all too well.

Further: I realise this can sound like warmongering - it isn't meant to be. But if your enemies discover you won't defend yourself when pushed you should expect a lot of shoving.

Of course any prelonged conflict in Korea will be an almighty mess - for details see Max Hasting's book on Korea, from the UK point of view a forgotten war. Given current military commitments the UK could probably only contribute the odd submarine and ship and a squadron of- saved at the last minute probably after talking to the American's - Tornado strike aircraft.


Wyrdtimes said...

I wish I had the faith in news that you do MiaS.

Man in a Shed said...

Are you suggesting its being staged ?

Anonymous said...

So you tell north korea to put up or shut up. And they dont.
What would you say was an acceptable death rate from the ensuing non appeasement?

Man in a Shed said...

I guess the cost would be about the same as the French resisting the Nazis march into the Rhineland, ie hardly at ! vs the millions of deaths that appeasement caused.