Saturday, October 09, 2010

Cameron's Ted Heath moment approaches and the country should hold its breath

There are manoeuvres to try to get the Coalition to back away from the necessary austerity. There are reports of a Treasury plan B involving putting some cuts back ( I wonder if that isn't always the case and in many ways it would be worrying if the Treasury didn't always develop alternative scenarios - but they are great for leaking ).

Chris Huhne has given what might be an ill advised interview ( though in politics you can never be sure it isn't the intention ).

The press contains warning about the international situation, and the friction of unintended consequences of any change in taxation and hand outs has already cause much consternation ( though mostly amongst journalists who are in the main group impacted ).

So here we are - apparently Ted Heath knew the Unions had to be dealt with in the 70's, but he lacked the nerve and frankly cunning of Lady Thatcher in carrying out the needed reforms to save the country from left wing destitution.

We all know the debt has to be brought back under control and repaid. But if David Cameron flinches now then it will be another Conservative leader in a decades time who has to confront the same problem - after deadbeat #RedEd and his shallow talent pool shadow cabinet have made things far worse.

So Dave - what's it going to be ?

Further: For those interested in the full horror of our situation read Watt Tyler here.


celticchickadee said...

you're stubborn insistence on ignoring the global financial crisis that is realy at the root of our economic situations, and refusal to recognise that if Gordon Brown had not shown the leadership and wisdom he did in bringing other world leaders together to agree action to avoid tipping us into a 30's style depressions, suggests to me that you don't actually care for the facts, and prefer to rely on the media pap you are fed by red top rags. There is a broadening consensus on all sides that this misguided cut em fast, deep and hard strategy is likely to worsen the situation. But you don't want to hear that do you, becuase it might mean admitting that you, and your schoolboy Tory heroes might have got it wrong
I am a socialist, but I prefer to look at the facts and come to a reasoned judgement, not just promulgate ill informed partisan hype. No shame in saying that the party you support may have got it wrong sometimes - they are, after all, only human.But refusing to even consiser that - that's sad.

Man in a Shed said...

@isla - we went from Golden financial legacy to debt calamity in 13 years. There is one man who is responsible for this more than anyone else - though he shares the blame with those who supported him.

Selling gold at the Brown minimum - destroying effective regulation of the banks - allowing the housing asset bubble ( as long as it raised taxes that could be used to bribe voters to keep narrow minded socialist selfish politicians in office. )

The full impact of Gordon Brown's nationalisation of risk has yet to be felt, and potentially regretted. He is the man who was the road block to reform - who allowed billions to frankly be poured down the drain just to further his own selfish ambition by blocking any attempts Blair had at public service reform. No doubt you supported him throughout it all.

I think the Icelandic people have it right in putting their former prime minister on trial. Brown should be on trial for the economic disaster he caused and Blair for war crimes.

"I am a socialist, but I prefer to look at the facts and come to a reasoned judgement" - I think you probably meant and or is your subconscious trying to tell you something ?

Perhaps you are being as open minded as you can be - but there is no question at all that Labour moved us from a great financial position to the edge of the abyss. Those are the facts.

What to do next is the question of debate, but lets not forget how we got here or which political party dumped us here.

Simon Cooke said...

Heath himself always said the u-turn came about because unemployment reached 1 million.

And @isla I am rolling around pissing myself laughing at your classic oxymoron - "I am a socialist but I prefer to look at the facts and come to a reasoned judgement" - why on earth are you still signed up to the flat earth society that is socilaism then?