Friday, October 08, 2010

The Martyrdom of Miss Snuffy

As I feared the left are moving to punish and crush Miss Snuffy - the ex-Marxist teacher who has realised that left wing attitudes are really just keeping poor children poor and dared to stand up at this years Conservative conference to say so.

She has been sent home for the rest of the week whilst the governors and head try to figure out "what to do".

Her current head is one Dr Irene Bishop who apparently allowed a certain political activity at her school a while back. ( However - a certain cycling Mayor has taught a Latin lesson at her school - so perhaps we shouldn't jump to conclusions ! )

The Left are viscous(H/T Tim Worstall - duh) vicious and desperate to defend the pain and damage they think its their right to inflict on children - as part of their campaign to bring about the destitution that will allow their socialist utopia to be created.

Many people think they are just misguided, but I'm becoming convinced that the damage they do is deliberate.

I dare say Katharine Birbalsingh's career will continue, but perhaps not where she is most effective.

Update: Iain Dale has more information on the political activity of Irene Bishop in his update here.

See also: Tory teacher sent home from school.

I wonder if the BBC has anything on it - off to look .... Just had a look (12:30pm 8Oct10) - not a sausage. No real surprise there I suppose given the BBC's left wing editorial viewpoint.

7pm Fri 8th Oct - looks like she's going to be allowed to return to work. The Telegraph reports that parental support has been key. Too right - all of us parents want to see teachers like Miss Snuffy teaching our kids ! I fear however this won't be the end of the trouble she will get from the left.

Still nothing on the BBC of course ....

9Oct - Katharine Birbalsingh has written a short article in the Daily Mail reiterating her points here. Looks to me like she's not going to let this go...


Antisthenes said...

Give her the job as head of Ofsted.

Anon said...

UK schools need to be freed of government control.

- Aangirfan

Edward Spalton said...

As a school governor and small employer 25 years ago, I became convinced that the aim of "progressive"/ "child-centred" education was to create a large proportion of illiterates and innumerates, largely unemployable which could be called the "Welfariat".

This would become the client group for the "caring professionals" of various types of social workers - the "Salariat"

It is not really the fault of the individual teachers who have come through a thorough indoctrination at Teacher Training College and, of course, they take on many with appallingly low qualifications to start with. Hence the ferocity with which the charmed circle is defended.

The whole system is propped up by an essentially corrupt conspiracy between the education authorities and the teaching unions. This is why they so fear the introduction of free schools outside local authority control - but the central government authority will still be there and that needs dynamiting too. The "experts" follow evil philosophies and they are the problem