Saturday, September 25, 2010

Labour's new unelected, by their party, leader

So its #RedEd, the son of Marxists and prodigy of that genius Gordon Brown.

Not that he won the support of Labour's MPs or even their membership but because of the role public sector Unions play in their parasitic relationship with Labour and the state #RedEd gets in.

Now perhaps he's not an idiot and will stab his Marxist and left wing friend in the back ( quite likely if he wants to win power ), but he's better start sharpening the knife as he has his party conference to address and they will be demanding pure fantasy and now apology for the criminal negligence of their recent regime's running of the country's finances.

We will see - very shortly.

PS If I was David Cameron I would congratulate David Miliband on winning the most votes and Ed Miliband on getting the Unions support.

Ps Just picked this up from Conservative Home ( above )


Pugh said...

In other news, Lord Ashcroft is pissed off wiht Cameron and has appointed William Hague as Prime Minister...

torysocialistleague said...

In other words willaim hague is pissed off with Ashcroft and has appojnted millipede as prime minister

Man in a Shed said...

No idea what your talking about lads - you not going to get any troll merit points for those comments.

Rachel Joyce said...

I pointed out Red Ed's one major fault in 2007.