Friday, September 24, 2010

If Red Ed wins - Nick Clegg's future is nailed to the Coalition mast

The bookies and punters are starting to say that Red Ed Miliband - son of the infamous marxist and brother of banana man may win with the Union vote.

If so Labour's approach to the Lib Dems will be clear. They will need to oust Nick Clegg as Lib Dem leader. ( Banana man could have enticed him to coalition with Labour, but not the head banger Red Ed who wants blood to revenge the humiliation of his sponsor Gordon Brown at Clegg's hands. )

So the left will work at splitting the Lib Dems apart ( with Red Vince Cable, Simon "the straight choice" Hughes and when not delayed by the "rail timetable" Kennedy to play with it shouldn't be too hard. After all most Lib Dem activists are really horrified by the burden of being in power rather than the postcode opportunist politics they love as a hobby. )

The Conservative aim here should be to try to offer the Orange book liberal minority in the Lib Dems a new home.

One day Nick Clegg may yet be a Conservative minister.

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