Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A brief word of thanks

It seems a fair few people voted for this blog in the Total Politics rankings - up this year from 53 to 44 for Conservative blogs.

The blog's been a bit hit and miss since the glorious defeat of Gordon Brown and I am still planning that sabbatical. But the support has been appreciated and will be toasted down the pub where I'll be in about 45 mins time.

Cheers all.

I saw Sam Coates trying to drum up some cash for another Conservative bloggers bash shortly - I'll do my best to come out of sabbatical if that's on (I still have those posts I want to send first )! Failing that perhaps we should nominate a Saturday afternoon sometime for a beer - along the lines Steve Green did a while back.

1 comment:

John M Ward said...

I'll drink to that - all of it in fact!