Friday, September 10, 2010

Academies improve children's education outrage

I've just heard a report on radio 4's Today that of the academies that have opened it's the well off kids make the greatest improvement. This seems to be shorthand in leftwing circles for injustice and failure.

Let's just think about this a little - does it not show that a particular group of kids are being cheated by the current system ? Indeed the kids of the parents whom pay the most taxes ( and hence for their own children's education and other peoples ) are getting the worse deal out of education they are compelled to pay for.

Of course one of the few socialist policies that works is the ability to destroy the life chances of those people socialists are biased against. Equality enforced by targeted failure.

A small example of this from the reign of failure of Ed Balls was given in the article - Balls insisted, no doubt to the left wing teaching unions delight, that new academies had to keep the bad teachers who had failed the old school and more importantly the children.

As I've said before you need to remember that Labour hate your children.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

It took me a minute to understand that first sentence. I think you mean "it's the well off kids.."

Apart from that, agreed. The lefties wail on about "taxpayers' money being wasted on middle class hobby horses" but these people are the taxpayers, surely?

Man in a Shed said...

@MarkW - your right - made the correction thanks.

As a parent of children approaching secondary school age I find what has been done to state education alarming and worrying.

Part of the problem is that Labour have been trying to achieve their 'equality' by destroying the life chances of people's children rather than improving them in the name of their stealth class war.

Mark Wadsworth said...

If you'd just change the 'of' to 'off', that'd be even better :-)

Man in a Shed said...

Its the perils of my touch sensitive predictive text input Android phone honest ...

Martha said...

My God, those are complicated and long winded methods .. no wonder our kids leave school dumb! And doesn't this go against all the "green" crap using all that paper to draw boxes for every little sum?

Martha said...

sorry I seem to have left my comment on the wrong post