Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where Conservative minsters are dangerously out of touch

We expect Lib Dem minister to be confused about reality and woolly - after all they have self selected for that.

But Gove and Willetts are treading a dangerous line.

Here are two headlines ( one for each of them ):

Middle class to lose its grip on best state schools

Why does a Tory minister want to be a Stalinist social engineer?

What do they both have in common ? Social engineering to paper of the cracks of a disastrous education system that is maintained for the benefit of its employees ( and Unions ) and doesn't care who its lies to about exam results and achievement. ( Amazingly we have already seen govt ministers trying to defend the debased and devalued GCSE's and A levels. )

These are very worrying signs and cut to the heart of why many of us are in the Conservative party. We oppose the frankly evil socialist use of children's life chances and pawns in their war against society and rabid ideology of class hate. And quite frankly we expect a Conservative lead government to do the same.


Moonraker said...

"evil" "pawns" "rabid" "hate"! Isn't this the sort of language we are more used to hearing from socialists. You will be using "running dogs" next!

Man in a Shed said...

The willful destruction of chidlren's education is an evil. Their life chances ( especially middle class chidlren- the prime target ) are used a pawns. The ideology of fairness used to cover up failure is a disease that has spread through our education system - so perhpas you don't get it by being bitten, but rabid is close. And its been clear for quite some time the hate that is used against the middle classes - who are characterised as pushy parents and as monopolising the good places ( substitute name of institution middle classes have paid for themselves and others here ).

The problem is that we let the left get away with it - as you point out they wouldn't hesitate to turn such fire on the right.

I've yet to work "running dogs" in yet - but I'll no doubt have a go sometime.

The good people of England are no where near angry enough about the failure of our education system. Its about time that changed.

Moonraker said...

I suspect that left to the right there would be no state funded education for the middle class or anyone else (if there is such a thing as the middle class these days). My admittedly cursory research into this suggests that progress in universal education has always been instigated by the left although as a working class grammar school boy I'm a bit uncertain about describing my old school's abolition as progress. Is middle classness an attitude, a description of lifestyle or one of economic circumstances. Does anyone know?