Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A failure to understand the times or the circumstances

I'm just back from my hols in Scotland and was listening on the radio to the interviews over the collusion between the RUC, UK Govt and Catholic Church to prevent a Catholic Priest being handled by the criminal justice system.

Listening it strikes me that modern day commentators seem incapable of putting themselves into the mind set of 1972, and the fact that unpalatable decisions have to be made in counter insurgency campaigns ( just as they are in Afghanistan today ).

Its a shame the media ( in this case the BBC ) won't can't grow up and at least explain this.

Was the decision in 1972 right ? I don't know - but based on what I've heard I can't be sure it was wrong.

Similar decisions have been made in wars in the past, and also I would imagine in counter criminal campaigns.

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