Thursday, August 05, 2010

After Summer


This is a quick post just to say what I'm planning over the next few months ( and by posting it to make me stick to it - hasn't always worked in the past, but that's not stopping me ).

Its quite clear from my recent visit to my accountant that I'll need to work harder and in a more focused manner after the summer holdidays. ( For anyone who's a home worker with children you'll realise how futile any serious work is over summer ). So I've decided to take a blogging sabbatical starting sometime in early Sept. I need to reduce the time I spend on news surfing on the web and get some more work done ! This probably won't extend to twitter, as you've got to let the rage out from watching Question Time etc somehow.

Before I head of I've promised myself posts on the following subjects;

  • The Coalition.
  • The AV referendum.
  • The War in Pakistan and Afghanistan ( we can now start admitting its both thanks to David Cameron's straight talking. )
  • Public services.
Oh yes -
  • and Trident.

Then it off to bury my head in technical stuff....

Since I'm off on my hols shortly the posts will no doubt happen in a week two's time. ( Depending on how bored I get on my travels ).


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