Friday, July 02, 2010

Obama damages US interests with his crucifixion of BP

So the Chinese are rumoured to be getting ready to buy BP South American assets, as BP scrambles around to find billions to pay the US environment economy protection racket Obama has dreamt up.

Who cares ( apart from BP share holders of course ) ?

Well the US should. China is thinking of buying up these assets for a reason. And that reason is to send oil that goes onto the markets and to US refineries to China instead.

And given the fact that the US will have its knickers in a twist about deep sea drilling for a decade to come that could very directly hurt.

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Mark @ Israel said...

Will Obama just allow this to happen? Is there anything more that can be done to save US interests? Of course, BP has to pay for their fault. However, it should not mean US is going to lose on this.