Monday, July 05, 2010

40% is smart

The report that departments have been asked to submit proposals for cuts of up to 40% of their budgets is a smart move by the coalition. ( Though you can reply on Labour to say otherwise. )

Why ?

Because whatever cuts you ask for the department will try to include some very politically sensative ones to try to get their shre refused. For example the MOD would put cutting the red arrows as its last suggestion ( knowing that a public campaign will save it ).

The 40% plan is to create a smorgasbord of cuts choices - which a star chamber can then rule upon. It takes political control away from the scheming in the departments and makes the choices clear.

40% a smart move - even if your real target is 25%.

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JohnRS said...

Here's hoping!!

I listened to today's lunchtime BBC News and every item was highlighting an eeeeeeeeeevil Tory cut of some cherished service or other. If they are going to run the 40/25% trick they need to get the press releases rolling out pdq before the whole country thinks Dem Tories are going to be sacrifing your first born to save money.