Saturday, May 08, 2010

Remember there is a way Brown could be PM for a while longer...

And that's to call another general election straight away, whilst he is still PM.

Labour might fancy its chances on improving its position, and after all what else does Brown have to lose. Though of course Labour is broke.

To justify this he could go if no formal coalition is agreed between the Lib Dems and Conservatives citing a national emergency.

I admit its unlikely - but remember how desperate Labour are to hang onto power ! It may also explain why Brown hasn't resigned as PM. The ability to call a new election may be the key to power in the country for some time to come.

PS This weeks Economist makes a good point. That is that Labour has a smaller amount of the vote in 2005 and gained a comfortable majority. It just shows how two faced Labour really are that they are clinging to power.


JohnRS said...

There is nothing that would surprise me about McNutter. I still beleive we'll need to send baliffs into Down Street equipped with crowbars to prise his fingers from the door of the Cabinet Room.

Remember, there's still the Civil Contingencies Act lurking in the background. Anyone fancy odds on McNutter declaring a "national emergency" caused by the current market problems?

Man in a Shed said...

If the markets take a sudden turn - especially bond markets then I think Brown would do it.

We may have to think about our response to such a coup attempt.

Anonymous said...

There are two problems with that scenario

1) He would almost certainly lose more seats at a second election - and after that gurning, revolting, triumphalism of Ed Balls, he would most likely be among them especially if UNITE saw the light and turned off the taps - so it would land him in a worse mess

2) Would Her Maj grant a dissolution? She must be already fairly cross with the way he seems to have ignored the result of the first one and carried on as before. I know she has more sense (usually) than to get involved in politics but is there not at least a chance of her sending for all parties and ordering them to form a national government given the current situation?

Personally, if Brown were toppled I think that would be the best option. Although Labour got us into this mess, at least they know where the bodies are buried, which is where the others fall down a bit.

Well, those are just my thoughts.