Monday, May 10, 2010

Election blues

So the results in, only it isn't.

We are all reduced to the role of spectators to secret negotiations and deals as our interests, priorities and intentions are traded behind closed doors.

The BBC and Lib Dems would like this to happen after every general election for ever. IE to create and Italian style political system. In the BBC's ( & Labour's ) case because they think there would never be another Conservative government afterwards.

I can't say I'm very fond of whats going on right now. But I think David Cameron is doing the right thing, and we are where we are and ragging against it does no good. Personally I would support a Lib Dem/Con coalition. Politically I would prefer a Conservative minority government, but given the national threat of Brown's debt crisis we need stable government and a Lib Dem/Conservative coalition can deliver than and save the nation. Though the cost will be high politically at the follow on election.

Politically the best option for the Conservative party would be to be in opposition to a rainbow government, if it wasn't for the fact they will re-write the political rules to favour themselves whilst failing to save the nation from Brown's debt disaster.

So I'm hoping for a coalition deal - but its hard to be enthusiastic about it. The devil will be in the details no doubt.

I don't fear electoral changes ( I think reform is a loaded word in this context ) I just think any new system will take 4-8 years to become effective, and we just don't have that sort of time given the economic disaster Labour has created.

Anyway to summarise - this blog supports David Cameron and his teams efforts to put the interests of our nation first.


Anonymous said...


Wise comment about "opposition to a rainbow government". This coming term is a poisoned chalice and (as a leftie) I think labour would be well out of it. Better for Lib/Lab to do the unpopular stuff, Brown goes, and a fresh Labour team takes power in a couple of years, with a better balance sheet to work with.


Mrs Rigby said...

Agree with you.

Re electoral reform - Brown said he would 'legislate' for it, not have a referendum. Just to make sure it's fair, of course.