Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is any Lib Dem deal worth the paper its written on ?

The Lib Dems are a poorly disciplined party. Well really they are two parties - the liberals and the SDP. The Liberals would deal with the Conservatives, the SDP with Labour ( their old home ).

Its time to start asking if the Lib Dems could really deliver a deal even if they agreed to it.

I think whatever they agree to it won't be long before self serving Lib Dem MPs start breaking ranks to save their own seats at the election that's coming soon.

The only good things to come of all this has been to destroy the idea that hung parlaiments are a good idea in the publics mind and to show the Lib Dems in the same light that many Labour and Conservative activists see them.


JohnRS said...

Cameron should get in front of the cameras this morning and pull all deals off the table as the LimpDims have obviously not been negotiating in good faith and so cannot be considered as a coalition partner. Clegg The Untrustworthy is now damaged goods and can't be part of any new administration.

Cameron should also demand the right to form a minority government, stuff the supposed constitutional niceties. Scumbag Brown lost and cannot claim to be PM any longer.

If he was sensible he'd also start offerrng individual LimpDims on the right of their party some of the things they want that would also fit with Tory plans. I'm sure there are a few things he could do as PM that would pull an MP or two in his direction and speed the break up of that ragbag. How about the 10K tax threshold? Its a policy that should have been a Tory one anway.

Time to play hard, come on Cameron, grow a pair!!

Anonymous said...

Cameron needs to draw a line in the sand NOW & tell Nick 'Pimp My Party' Clegg to push off. He & his party are simply not to be trusted. Let him go & find out how very little he will actually get from Labour. Then wait for his Party to turn on him. Karma - coming to a politician near you.