Monday, April 12, 2010

The Dutch auction where the English will always lose - a hung parliament

So the BBC is getting all excited about the prospect of a hung parliament ( now why is this so familiar from decades past ? ).

And here the problem - the potential partners for a minority govt and what they want ( almost all of them English money ).

The SNP, Plaid, SDLP, DUP and lets face it the Lib Dems will all be looking to protect their celtic homelands from the finaicial disater that the Celtic Labour party has created of the UK's public finances.

Hence its quite clear if there's a hung parliament its the English who will pay for it as selfish Celts try to hold onto their financial bribes from the centre at the expense of the sick and poor in England.


JohnRS said...

The Tories won't win anything in celtic country so it doesnt much matter what he does that the Nats or Limp Dumbs dont like.

So CallMeDave could really tilt the balance in his favour by just announcing that all payments, grants or other financial transfers from central government to the local authorities across the UK will be on an identical per capita basis.

If they want "fair funding" (Oily Al's phrase) then let them have it.

Funding fair for all as you might say!

Moonraker said...

In all the anti Scottish ranting on this blog (which I heartily endorse) no one has mentioned that David William Donald Cameron is hardly an English moniker!

Unknown said...

Raedwald has a "Wordle" analysis of Gordon Brown's speech yesterday. The most commonly used word is "Britain". I posted the following comment:

He has to keep talking about "Britain" as a sleight-of-hand to distract the public from realising that after the Devolution for which he was the main driving force, this election is now primarily an English election.

Schools n' Hospitals? Both Devolved responsibilities. Any talk about either is about England alone.

Transport? Apart from Transport Safety, any talk about Transport is about England alone.

Dealing with the deficit? The Tories have already said that they will "respect" the current Scottish and Welsh budgets and leave them alone. Or in other words, all the savage cuts they are planning (and which are needed) will fall on England alone.

Meanwhile Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be electing MPs to impose decisions on England that they insist in their own countries are nobody's else business. And what's more, taking blatant bribes in order to do so, (e.g. the DUP over the 42-day internment legislation).

Devolution has wrecked "Britain" and they are terrified of what will happen when people wake up and realise. The only answer is an English Parliament and a federal future and that would put many of them out of a job.