Friday, April 09, 2010

Brown is coming close to abondoning his electoral candidates to cling to power

Its almost unbelievable but Labour are so desperate to cling to power that they are now undermining their own candidates in a desperate attempt to damage the country by creating a hung parliamnet.

And its not just Lord Adonis, but Gordon Brown himself.

I'm almost feeling sorry for Labour candidates in much of England. ( Of course in much of England they can't even get local council candidates, let alone votes ! )


Mrs Rigby said...

Aha! That explains the odd results from the vote match site (Guardian).

Biffo said...

"I want everybody to vote Labour, and I want people to vote for our party, and I want our vote to be the highest, and I want our number of seats to be the highest"

Brown's call to the intellectually challenged?

We've ruined your country financially, sold you off lock stock & barrel to the EU, given you a criminal record for over-filling your bin, removed any protection you had under the law - unless of course you're foreign, non-white, non-working or a woman - stolen your pensions, saddled your kids & grandkids with debt, humiliated you & bullied you on a daily basis- so vote for us for more of the same....... In your dreams McSnot!

JohnRS said...

All I can hear is the sound of failed politicians grasping at straws!!

To see this so early in the campaign means they're terrified of losing. So George needs to keep up the good work with another solid Tory tax announcement or two.

Shame Cameron wont do anything similar with (say) Europe!!

TheFatBigot said...

It has been brought to my attention that we both get a name-check in an Independent article (recently cited by Mr Kitchen, who is also mentioned). I'd add a link if I knew how.

Man in a Shed said...

@TFB Well its not this one - though the advice may be good "Beware men with sheds"

Man in a Shed said...

Found it here.

Could have been worse.. though I take exception to the self interested bit - if I could get in touch with my self interest I'd stop and concentrate on my work.