Friday, March 05, 2010

The sheer bloody nerve of Ed Balls

I've just read an article reporting that Ed Balls is trying to warn of cuts in education and that headteachers need to trim their budgets, especially primary school heads.

If you're not involved in schools this might sound fine to you, but I can tell you the government has until very recently been giving schools a hard time about not spending enough money !

And why won't the schools spend this money ? As they don't want to employ staff they then have to sack - that why Mr Balls !

Schools, like many other small to medium enterprises, are closely knit societies - and redundancies hurt moral hard.

The rest of us have seen the writing on the wall that Labour have been lying about and ignoring till very recently and have tried to act accordingly.

So its a bloody cheek for Ed Balls to start mouthing off at primary school heads and the need to save money to avoid redundancies.

Maybe he thinks sounding all tough on spending will get him made Chancellor if Brown wins and Alistair gets the "Forces of Hell" let lose on him again.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't comment normally, but as we are talking about schools, could we say, "If you are not involved in schools ..."?

Man in a Shed said...

Fortunately I don't teach .... must try harder.