Saturday, March 06, 2010

Gordon Brown betrays the country with his lies and misdirections

So another episode fit for the Thick of It has been enacted in yet another inquiry designed to defect the public from the truth.

We know, given the was equipment was used up on operations, that the defence budget shrunk under Labour. We know that Gordon Brown was very hostile to the military when he was chancellor. We know he cut the helicopter program. ( We also know that Labour fabricated the evidence for the war itself - and directly lead to the death of probably hundreds of thousands of people. )

Yet its seen as a technical exercise in the arts of spin, lies and misdirection to put a key point man up to get through the days obstacles ( which are never too bad - as after all the inquiry panel wasn't exactly uninfluenced by the government. ) Remember Cherie Blair and a Alistair Campbell signing copies of the Hutton inquiry ( remember in part about the death and maybe murder of Dr John Kelly ) to raise funds for the Labour party !

On Friday Brown used some of the classic plays in the New Labour spin book.

  1. The over defined allegation: This was a ploy Blair loved to use. You over define what you are being accused of then summon all the righteous indignation your acting skills can muster to knock it down ( hoping that you have deceived and mislead people that a very similar but correct accusation is also not true ). Here's the most recent example.
  2. Cowardly abuse of civil servants who can't answer for themselves: Blaming the generals is just typical of the gutless coward that Brown is.
  3. The straight lie: always a New Labour favourite.
  4. Acting the part: see Tony Blair's onion, Brown and Piers Morgan and Brown's insane grin.
  5. Abusing people's lack of detailed knowledge: see the difference between the nation debt and deficit, spending and investment, past equipment supplies and those announced on opportunist trips to Afghanistan the day after dodgy testimony and to avoid the follow up questions.
Remember there was a time before Blair and Brown hijacked the Labour party when none of these things would ever have been considered, let alone done. ( People's fond recollections of Michael Foot make this point most clearly. )

But that was when the Labour party stood for something, rather than New Labour with its PR, spin, deceit and well paid and fed flawed fellow travellers - yes John Prescott you disgrace to the nation I mean you.

Labour have no morals and there is no longer a moral base to the party. They have a very few smart well educated people lying to the population about massive record debt being fine, and Gordon Brown. Remember until very recently they were even trying to claim they would increase spending deceiving the population that debt is really just deferred taxation.

There is a form of perversion and corruption that permeates everything the Labour party once was, and now drags down the nation.
Further: Cranmer comes to similar conclusions here.

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