Sunday, January 10, 2010

Will there be school tomorrow ?

I ask as, like many working parents in the private sector, I have work to do tomorrow that is almost impossible to get done if the kids are about.

We have friends who are now eating into annual holiday ( again private sector employees ).

It really is time that a more stoic attitude was taken in schools.

Update: The good news (for parents) was they are open today ! Hurray ! However I couldn't see anything different at the school from when I was standing outside it with my kids on Weds with a load of teachers who were angry at the school get closed at short notice.

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Weekend Yachtsman said...

I live in a small village.

There are about 150 houses, none more than 200 yards from the Primary School.

The roads are icy, but nothing bad enough to stop the kids getting to the hills for sledging or the pond for skating - as we can see all around us.

There may be a farm or so on the outskirts where things are not so easy, but naturally they all have tractors and/or 4x4's, quadbikes, etc. so they are not inconvenienced at all.

Everyone who needs to is getting to work every day, even those (like me) who work in the city 45 miles away.

And the school has not re-opened after the Christmas holidays.

They are just taking the piss.

They should be made to make up the hours with longer days or shorter holidays. Then it would suddenly turn out that they don't actually need to close after all.