Thursday, January 14, 2010

Political grit

Maybe Labour are insisting on holding back grit as its afraid of not being able to clear the roads during an election campaign.

Given the forecast for the next week looks better, you have to wonder why they didn't let local authorities decide their own priorities.

What do they know about what's coming ?

Just a thought.

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Update: the answer may be that I have this right. They Daily Mail reports that freezing weather may last till April. No wonder the government is nervous.


opsimath said...

So - is the election only a month away or don't they believe in AGW any more?

Auntie seems to have been very quiet about it since the Copenhagen knees-up.

Mike Spilligan said...

Opsimath: As a BBC radio (only) listener I disagree. Every day there are subtle references in many unrelated programmes. This week "Farming Today" - 0545, so a bit early - has had earnest farmers telling how they're going to cope with GW (AGW or otherwise) and who don't seem to have noticed that it's not happening.