Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Pupil Voice" is really aimed at political indoctrination

Like the workers and soldier political committee's that undermined the Soviet Union in war and peace Labour are insisting that schools become more politicised. ( They are of course already, as a discussion with some of the young people in our local Conservative association proves, thankfully we can rely on teenagers instinct to rebel to avoid extensive brain washing - though the fact they are often denied the ideas and arguments of the right of centre is a great worry. )

But the idea of authorities in school requiring to consult elected student bodies by law is worrying of itself. It is also the case that you are handing out authority without responsibility.

These groups are almost always going to think in a collectivist way, which is just what the left wants. They want everyone to have their view of the world before they learn anything about it from experience ( which tends to push people to the right ).

I'm not saying that no good can come of things like school councils - indeed it can and any organisation that doesn't have feedback mechanisms from its customers built in is asking for trouble - just there's another agenda at play.

The Conservative response should be to take away the legal compulsion - let schools and head teachers decide. And just to avoid the wedge tactics the left use how about making the National Union of Students only take membership fees for each individual renewable each year - with no impact on facilities available on campus for educational bodies.

Just think of our current generation of left of centre politicians who are little more that eternal student politicians. Time to kick the ladder away I think.

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