Friday, December 04, 2009

Labour's hypocrisy on Redcar

So today we have government minister making the usual hysterical non-science warmist religious statements about global warming. ( See Miliband jnr on saying the science won't affect Copenhagen - well he says the CRU leak won't, but he probably too stupid to realise he means the former).

Then they say they are sorry a major industry which their carbon policy is actively trying to export from the UK is closing. ( Yes I know they'll claim this isn't the case - but the Chinese and Indian are only playing along with their reduce carbon intensity [ ie we are willing to pretend and use words your gullible electorate / media thinks mean CO2 levels dropping - in exchange for you handing over all your industry and technology ] )

Still the UK CO2 emissions will drop now the Corus Redcar plant closes and that's supposed to be good news according to Labour right ?

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