Saturday, December 05, 2009

Gordon resorts to bulling and is clearly wrong on the science

Gordon Brown is trying to add his own special style of magic to the #climategate scandal.

He's claiming that those who ask questions and demand evidence ( in the old pre-1997 parlance called scientists - now called Climate Change Deniers ) are flat earthers and anti-science.

He's wrong. Even the IPCC says he's wrong as they say the CRU leak is a serious issue and requires a thorough review.

The UK Met Office is getting ready to release and rework the original data, and denied rumours (remember this current govt denies everything and causally lies as other draw breath ) suggest Labour government ministers have tried to stop the scientific activity in case it provides evidence to other scientists.

Brown just shows the staggering depth of his own personal ignorance with the rant recorded in today's Daily Telegraph. He calls those who demand to see the evidence and working as "flat earthers". He's a very stupid man indeed.

What this shows is the spectacular level of ignorance of scientific method and principles in the higher levels of the Labour party and civil service and something will need to be done about the latter.

Get this into your head Brown:

"The Science is not settled" - and the CRU leak, Yamal tree scandal and hockey stick IPCC scandal show this.


Joe Public said...

If AGW is so obvious, why did a world-renowned professor have to fiddle-the-figures to 'prove' it?

View from the Solent said...

"Gordon resorts to bulling and is clearly wrong on the science"

Is that a typo for 'bullshitting' ?

James Burdett said...

I posted about this on my blog, frankly I dislike being called anti-science when what I want is more science on this. I want the scientists to do so much science that they are absolutely sure what is causing any climate change.

Barking Spider said...

The Climate change fascists are the ones who are anti-science, not us! I, for one, would like to hear everything the real, (not funded by the IPCC), scientists have to say.

I've noticed that Brown not only lies every time his mouth moves but he turns on that fake "banana" smile when he's telling a really huge whopper! He did a lot of that today.

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Confusion again..and i think climate change is a major confusion...