Wednesday, February 11, 2009

'my teacher told me I couldn't talk about Jesus'

There is another disturbing example of the Labour inspired persecution of Christians, this time of a little girl and her mother at a Devon primary school.

In short a little five year old girl was overheard by a teacher discussing heaven and God with a friend and had been pulled to one side and told off by her "supporting equality and diversity" teacher. This lead to her being in tears when picked up by her mother after school.

Her mother also happens to work at the school, and sent a private email in her own time and from home to some fellow church members that the school has got hold of and is now under the threat of dismissal ( see the Daily Telegraph here for full details ).

Remember the Stasi Labour government has just set up the General Teaching Council that is busy trying to prevent teachers discussing their beliefs and to promote the state religion of "equality and diversity".

At the time that Labour is falling over itself to give in to threats of violence by militant Islam, it is setting the state on Christians.

Perhaps the Church of England's synod should have been discussing if any of its clergy should be allowed to be members of the Labour party ?


Letters From A Tory said...

I blogged about this as well.

I'm an atheist, but even I can see how disgracefully this poor Christian lady has been treated. I'd bet my house and family on the fact that a teacher wouldn't dare stop a Muslim child from mentioning Allah.

Man in a Shed said...

The truly frightening part of this story is the role of this General Teaching Council (GTC) which is starting to become like the thought police for teachers.

In some ways Christians aren't surprised by this persecution, as its a matter of prophecy, but we are very disappointed.

My guess in this case is its the secondary issue of a member of staff being criticised by another that's got the Lady at risk. There are privacy issues and other rights as a parent to be considered here. I wouldn't like to be the governor who has to investigate. Its possible that the head has had a bad situation dropped on him.

However the reaction of the teacher, especially against a five year old child is deeply disturbing, and indicates a nasty anti-Christian under current.

As you say, its hard to believe a teacher would dare say the same thing to a Muslim.

Wyrdtimes said...

Isn't it about time we got all religion out of schools? Apart from one general lesson a week.

Man in a Shed said...

@Wrydtimes - the problem is that something will go in its place. And that will be the centrally controlled "citizenship agenda".

We are close to establishing a state enforced dogma over a particular view of "Equality and Diversity". Its not a religion in the traditional sense, but it is being enforced with the enthusiasm that would make the Spanish Inquisition blush.

There are many who see education as indoctrination, and they would dearly love to push religion aside and replace it with their views.

Personally I think parents should get a choice over any religious observance ( so I support the Muslim parents in Sheffield for example who don't want multi faith assemblies ), but not over a factual based understanding on the main religions, or the role of Christianity in our history and state.

In short every child should understand the basic tenants of faith of the main religions - including where and why they disagree, and be allowed to observe theirs in freedom and without interference as far as is reasonable.

Wyrdtimes said...

But if we had a government sensible enough to get religion out of schools then it might just might be sensible enough to dedicate any time saved to teaching something useful!

Regarding assemblies - get the religion out and they can all be bored stiff together.

Faith schools are among the nations greatest insanity. Divisive bunkum.