Friday, December 01, 2006

Lets get Dale ! (oh and 10 things I'll never do)

Having just blogged on bullying the Lets get Dale postline is looking a bit suspect, but bare with me. That chap Iain Dale has started one of those chain letter things on 10 things you'll never do here. And Buster George tagged me a few days ago. (Its just an a viral marketing thing - not a horror movie - so just ignore me if I tag you and you don't want to play.) What I suggest is that we play along but add his original post as a link. Soon his web site will be over run and he'll know better for next time !

OK here's my list

1) Vote Labour.
2) Wear jewelry.
3) Cycle on the pavement - unless knocked there air born by a car (yes that's happened before).
4) Pay to go to a premiership football match.
5) Say yes to that offer to spend a week looking into the drain system of a company in Lagos.
6) Allow people to describe my wife as my partner and go unchallenged.
7) Understand what's exciting about snooker.
8) Let my wife buy computer equipment.
9) Smoke.
10) Trust the French government - of whatever flavour.

OK - tagging is going to be for:

Update: Haven't tagged anyone yet - if you want to tag yourself, just say so in the comments... Otherwise it'll be a weekend job for me.


Anonymous said...

Would you let your wife choose your car?

Man in a Shed said...

If I say no - but she got to choose the colour will I be in hot water ?

She'd like to chose my clothes, but I've managed to dodge that one so far. ( I still have socks with my name tag in from School ).

When we were married I used the equivalent money for a wedding ring to buy a computer modem instead. ( Though I did offer to wear a ring if she insisted. )

I may not be fully adjusted to the times I live in ;-)