Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The war on terror makes little sense

Surely this is really a war on an enemy who uses terror. The term "war on terror" makes as much sense as "war on guns" or even "war on want".

It describes tactics, but not strategy. Perhaps this sheds light on the mess in Iraq. (The Afghan campaign at least makes some strategic sense).

Just a few idle lunch time thoughts....

And here's another - how long before the Iraqis who are cooperating with the US realise their fate is likely to be like that of the South Vietnamese US supporters? That will be the tipping point to disaster and unless the new US congress behaves itself it will precipitate this very soon.

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Anonymous said...

Very true. I sometimes feel this 'war' is a replacement for a long missed Cold War. It doesn't just seem like a war of ideology though, in the same way the Cold War was. The Cold War made heros out of reformers and defectors. This war sometimes seems to seek no prisoners at all.