Monday, October 30, 2006

Which MP has the biggest carbon footprint ?

I'm guessing its Margaret Becket - but perhaps it the Dear Leader ? Or some Jock MP who has to keep flying down to London to vote on English bills at Westminster (business class of course) - between his state funded campaigning in the darkest central belt.

And who burns the most carbon on fact finding missions ? We should be told !

This would make a great article for a tabloid - as it exposes their hypocrisy at the heart of those who now lecture us. Will Blair agree to holiday in Cornwall for ever more to save the planet ? I think not.

Surely its really all about:

1) Heading David Cameron of at the pass ( hence high profile for the boy Milliblog and dragging his grumpiness to the press conference).
2) Raising taxes without anyone complaining.

Of course I'll not be laughing when the sea starts to lap around my shed due to global warming - but then I checked how high above sea level my house is - did you ? I've heard of scenarios which have the sea level rising by 10m - almost over night. ( This is very much not the consensus view which considers changes over periods of hundreds of years). But remember most of these models were created by scientists not engineers. Scientist don't build things or do scale up in any form of responsible way. ( Now I'm going to get flamed - but what the hell. )

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Anonymous said...

I remember reading that Margaret Beckett had the biggest carbon footprint.I think our ministers will have to start using video conferencing more often.

As you said in your comment on my site, they have to lead by example.