Monday, October 30, 2006

Council tax to be replaced by Tory Tax ?

The new tax idea, denied by our ever honest and trustworthy NuLabour govt, of fining people for having good schools, clean streets and a pleasant area to live just looks like a way of raising tax from Tory voters ( which costs the government little in terms of support ) to spend on Labour voters.

Looks similar to the ongoing removal of resources from the NHS in high tax paying areas (ie Tory areas) to move to Labour and marginal Labour areas.

This is starting just to look like organised theft.

Socialism's class war continues.... the only safe middle class people will be NuLabour politicians and those on their expense accounts- researchers and hangers on.

Think about it: with complex databases and a few heat maps from chipmunk Blears it is possible to design taxes that will most hit the supporters of your opponents. Its like Mugabe bulldozing the homes of those who vote for the MDC.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

It does seem like people are being taxed for being Tories; could you imagine the outcry if traditional Labour areas were heavily taxed instead?