Monday, October 09, 2006

The UK is closer to North Korea than the USA or Australia

Just been lissening to Today on R4 ( as ever ) and I have a key point to add. [ After the news of North Koreas unconfiremed nuclear test explosion. ]

The UK is closer to North Korea than either the continental US or the vast majority of Australia. (Who the Today program was asking if they feel less secure to.) Get your globe out to check - of course the usual 2-D flat projection will make you feel much more safe, its just wrong. (Perhaps that's what's on Margaret Beckett wall at the Foreign Office.)

Mrs Beckett doesn't want to do anything that will make any difference, in case it makes it worse, according the the interview I heard.

Why do no British politicians point this out ? By the way North Korea is developing missiles with sufficient range to reach us - but they could of course just put a bomb in a container and send it by sea freight.

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Anonymous said...

Likewise always used to amuse me when the wall map allegedly depicted Cold War strategic thinking ...USA left/West versus USSR right/East ...with us & Europe stuck in the middle

Hopefully somebody taped the two sides together and discovered that Mother Russia was only a stones throw from Alaska

Man in a Shed said...

Of course Alaska used to belong to Russia, I bet they regret selling to the US now !

With the melting of the polar ice cap this area of the world is about to get a lot more important.