Monday, October 09, 2006

Meanwhile in Iraq

Patrick Cockburn writes the following about his experiences in Iraq as a reporter who has been returning at intervals since the invasion:

"The main preoccupation of Bush and Blair seems to be keep news of this away from their own people. Again and again they claim that there are parts of Iraq that are at peace, that the success of the insurgents is exaggerated by the media. In fact the situation is far worse than is reported."

Go over to the First Post to read the rest - but those sentences are the most telling. The same could be said of Afghanistan perhaps.

When will the general public take the same view ? Time is coming for the Conservative party to make hard choices in the UK. Just blind support for the government will no longer do.

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Anonymous said...

I, like you, want to know the truth. I wish we had a paper that published a daily count of all those who died, on all sides.